My Mission

“My mission is to use my Artist for the greater good & stimulate the ears, eyes and the hearts of this world.              

I hope to inspire you to love, appreciate & protect our Planet’s fragile gifts of life.”- Ricky Zen 

“Together we can make a difference one insiration at a time.”


 A Magical Mission

Why? In Living Focus?

Living Focus “The Fine Art of Conservation”. ​

 My mission is to use my Artist for the greater good and to personally stimulate the eyes and the hearts of this world.

I sincerely hope to inspire you to love, respect and appreciate our Planet and her fragile gifts of life. ​ I do encourage you to embrace Mother Nature and gain the courage to protect her. If we as a race are open to environmental awareness and a willingness to support change… we can make a difference one life at a time”! ​ -Ricky Zen Lazenko ​ 

From Year 5 to 55 Years Young


Ricky Zen’s “In Living Focus” brings to life the true nature of our planet’s amazing, yet fragile creatures and their environment. 

Having a deep love and appreciation for Mother Nature since the early age of 5 through and his internationals travels and photography, he shares how important it is to keep her well balanced so she can care for those that depend on her to sustain their life. 

It is through his photography, art, video documentaries online content creations and music that Ricky hopes to  inspire and create an active awareness that will promote positive environmental changes keeping “all life” In Living Focus.


As a wildlife photographer and artist Ricky has a deep respect for Mother Nature.  There are many positives in being a wildlife photographer as well as a conservationist and environmentalist. 

Ricky wishes to do his part in promoting and educating others by sharing through his photos, art and video presentations how they can contribute to protecting the environment and its inhabitants.  As a PADI diver with his underwater photography gear he is witness to the mystery and beauty of sea life. 

He has witnessed firsthand the suffering of some of these magnificent creatures on land and sea through man’s disrespect for polluting their waters, destroying their forest and their wetlands.  His goal, although one person, will add to the ever growing awareness the beauty that is sheltered in the arms of Mother Nature and the need to protect them.


HOW MAGIC HAPPENS “Under Construction!”






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